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Intuitive branding studio for soul-led women entrepreneurs 

Learn to speak the language of your clients through branding that speaks to their
heart & souls. 

You deserve a brand that makes you feel confident and empowered to show up.

You desire to have a brand matches the energy, magic and experience that you create for your clients

But you need help with...

Clarifying your message in a way your ideal clients understand

Confidently showing up online & letting ideal clients know exactly how you can help them. 

Creating a brand that magnetically draws in your ideal client

Creating a brand that magnetically draws in your ideal client

Communicating your innate expertise (aka your magic) as to how you are able to help your clients.  

Start your branding journey and leave feeling confident, empowered, inspired, and ready to show up.

Inquire about a brand collaboration


Nekia White

I am so happy I invested in Four Walls Studio to assist with launching my coaching program. When I first started, I was seeking support to help me identify my niche as a coach, who my target audience is, how to frame my message so that it is effective, and lastly, develop a brand look that was professional and consistent with my content. Kaitlyn's process was excellent in walking me through this process. With each stage, I gained my confidence in my coaching program. Now that I am official finished, I am proud and excited to launch it with the world. Kaitlyn was great to work with. Her patience and guidance was very supportive. I would highly recommend.


I reached out to Kaitlyn because I needed a professional website. Before I started this process, I had problems creating my own website. It was overwhelming and time consuming as I didn't know what I was doing. I needed a site that would allow me to get creative. This is when I realized that I needed to hire a professional. Kaitlyn is very caring and thorough the process. She is a great listener and will walk you through the entire process. Now that I have my website completed, I can finally give my products and services a "home". I can now move on to the next phase of building my business.

Jessaca Rowe



Before working with Kaitlyn, I honestly was super lost, stuck in the incessant cycle of overthinking, and paralyzed by false starts that I had created for myself. I am incredibly blessed to have worked with such an intelligent individual who gave me clarity and a peace of mind after years of struggling with direction.

Chelsea Jackson



Working with our studio looks like

Combining intuition with strategy to create a brand that feels aligned to you

Creating an expansive brand foundation that allows you to have a sustainable business 

Releasing the guesswork and being able to spend more time resting and focusing on the work that lights you up

Start your branding journey

Affirm your Elevation




Align with your Mind

Intuitive Strategy

Algined Design

We start with mindset because it's the key piece that's going to propel you forward. During this phase we will have a Mindset & Goal Strategy session that allow you to refine your vision and get clear on your goals + unlock the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 

During this phase we will have 4 different strategy sessions that will allow us to discover what makes you different, how to tell your story, learn to leverage your expertise, and give you a clear direction on how to move forward in your business. 

Designs are built using strategy and are created with your vision + dream client in mind. Brand & Web design are the visual elements needed to create a cohesive brand that will elevate you and your business to the next level. A brand without strategy is like going on a road trip with no GPS. 


Affirm your Elevation

Phase four is all about feeling in alignment with your elevated Brand & Web Design and feeling confident about how to show up on Instagram knowing you have clear strategies of how to use your brand, what your brand actually is and how to attract clients. How would it feel if you could do all of these things with ease?



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Meet your Intuitive 
Brand Strategist 

I’m Kaitlyn, an intuitive Brand Strategist, that helps soulful women create intentional brands. I’m here to help you create impact, prioritize rest, and tap into your intuition. I’m a lover of visual and verbal storytelling and love bringing things to life. 

Over the past year and a half, I took an unexpected hiatus from my business after experiencing extreme burnout. In my hiatus, I got a regular day job, rested, and thought about what to do with my business until finally, I received a download from the Universe. 

“I’m supposed to be here…”

Now I want to help soul-led women create magnetic brands so they can focus on their purpose work. 


I'm inspired to help you because of my own  journey with entrepreneurship + branding. I was unexpectedly fired from my first post-grad job as a Social Media Manager. At 21, I was newly graduated from Howard University with a degree in TV/Film production with high hopes of being a screen writer - but life had other plans. At 14 I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur when my dad said, "All you have to look forward to in life is work." From that moment, I knew there was so much more to life. So one November day, I went all in on me. I decided to start a business. 

My vision is to help soul-centered women entrepreneurs create a brand they feel aligned with that also makes them feel damn good. I want to help women take strides to living the life they dream of - one that allows them to do what they love and get paid for it. My goal is to help women create a brand that not only extends beyond them, but one where the impact is felt for generations to come. 

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