Elevate my Brand

Helps soul-centered women entrepreneurs tap into their innate expertise through energetically aligned branding so they can create more impact on a greater scale.


You deserve to have a brand matches the energy, magic and experience you create for your clients.

You've been gifted a unique set of skills from the Universe. You're confident in your expertise and your knowledge because you've been able to transform the lives of your dream clients through your heart-centered work. In the beginning you DIY'd your branding to get you started, but you're realizing that your current brand isn't going to help you take your business to the next level. You want your brand to reflect and be in alignment with who you are now and what you do, and you're finally ready to invest in your branding so you can elevate your business. 

Just imagine how it would feel to have a brand that capture's the essence of who you are

You've been in business for a few years and you finally feel ready to release your DIY branding and elevate your branding to reflect your magical offer. You understand the importance of branding. With visuals being the first thing dreamy clients see, and you want to be sure to capture their eye, invite them in and inspire them to take action. Just image how it will feel to have a brand that communicates the message you want to send. Really visualize what it will look like to operate in your zone of genius because you have a website that speaks directly to dream clients. If you're ready, click here to get started. 

You need help clarifying how to speak to clients so they are automatically attracted to you and know exactly how you can help them.

You've been in business for awhile and have a DIY website that no longer aligns with where you currently are  in your business or with where you want to go. 

You have a magical offer and can truly help your clients transform their lives, but it feels like you're the only one who knows it because your brand's online presence isn't clear. 

You feel like there's been a disconnect between how people view your brand v.s. what it is that you actually have to offer because your branding reflect what you do. 

Does this sound familiar?

yes, it does

how would it feel if you could...

Have a clear strategy on how to move  forward in the right direction with your brand in a way that feels authentic and intuitive to who you are because you're operating in your zone of genius. 

Spend more time making an impact doing heart-centered work with clients who you feel connected to and aligned with because you invested in your branding beyond the visuals, but also the strategy that allows you to easily attract clients.

Feel confident + have peace of mind knowing how to show up on instagram with ease, share your story, speak directly to dream clients in a way that touches their heart without the guesswork or hours spent trying to figure it out. 

Having a Soul-aligned brand is only 4 steps away

view the process

Visuals aligned with strategy create intentional brands that: 
Identifies who your dream client is
Tell your unique story
Speak to dream clients in a unique voice
Use your background + experiences to leverage your expertise
Use color to speak to your website visitors without having to say anything.
Lean into your intuition and combine in with strategy

Brand Strategy is the strategic piece of your brand that truly sets you apart  from others in your niche. 

Branding isn't just about making things look pretty, that's just the icing on the cake. A strategic brand + web design will help you capture the eye of dreamy clients, captivate them through copy, and convert. Your website should work with you helping people to understand how exactly you're what they are looking for. (All of our sites on designed on the Showit platform.) 

Brand Strategy

Brand & Web Design


Affirm your Elevation




Align with your Mind

Intuitive Strategy

Algined Design

We start with mindset because it's the key piece that's going to propel you forward. During this phase we will have a Mindset & Goal Strategy session that allow you to refine your vision and get clear on your goals + unlock the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 

During this phase we will have 4 different strategy sessions that will allow us to discover what makes you different, how to tell your story, learn to leverage your expertise, and give you a clear direction on how to move forward in your business. 

Designs are built using strategy and are created with your vision + dream client in mind. Brand & Web design are the visual elements needed to create a cohesive brand that will elevate you and your business to the next level. A brand without strategy is like going on a road trip with no GPS. 

elevate my brand


Affirm your Elevation

Phase four is all about feeling in alignment with your elevated Brand & Web Design and feeling confident about how to show up on Instagram knowing you have clear strategies of how to use your brand, what your brand actually is and how to attract clients. How would it feel if you could do all of these things with ease?




See What Other Soul-Centered Entrepreneurs Had to Say

Nekia White

I am so happy I invested in Four Walls Studio to assist with launching my coaching program. When I first started, I was seeking support to help me identify my niche as a coach, who my target audience is, how to frame my message so that it is effective, and lastly, develop a brand look that was professional and consistent with my content. Kaitlyn's process was excellent in walking me through this process. With each stage, I gained my confidence in my coaching program. Now that I am official finished, I am proud and excited to launch it with the world. Kaitlyn was great to work with. Her patience and guidance was very supportive. I would highly recommend.


I reached out to Kaitlyn because I needed a professional website. Before I started this process, I had problems creating my own website. It was overwhelming and time consuming as I didn't know what I was doing. I needed a site that would allow me to get creative. This is when I realized that I needed to hire a professional. Kaitlyn is very caring and thorough the process. She is a great listener and will walk you through the entire process. Now that I have my website completed, I can finally give my products and services a "home". I can now move on to the next phase of building my business.

Jessaca Rowe


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Before working with Kaitlyn, I honestly was super lost, stuck in the incessant cycle of overthinking, and paralyzed by false starts that I had created for myself. I am incredibly blessed to have worked with such an intelligent individual who gave me clarity and a peace of mind after years of struggling with direction.

Chelsea Jackson


See What Other Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs Had to Say






it's already yours

meet kaitlyn

I'm Kaitlyn. I have a passion for storytelling and using branding as a way to convey a heart-centered message to your dreamy clients. My approach to branding is all about figuring out a way that allows your intuition + strategy to coexist so you can grow your biz in a way that feels good to you.

hello my beautiful friend,

The work we will do together is collaborative + cohesive, transformative and mind shifting. Why? Because for years I struggled to effectively brand my business + communicate to dream clients in a way they understood. My cycle of guesswork, trial and error, confusion, and feeling like I had failed lead me to where I am today to helping you elevate your brand. I went from being exactly where you are not being able to communicate exactly what it is I wanted to say to to being able to attract dream clients with ease. I went through my own 4-step process that turned me into a magnet for clients just like you. I want to help you do the same thing with the exact same process.  If after reading this you feel called to do collaborative work to elevate your branding beyond the visuals then I invite you to apply to work together. 

So, I wantED to let you know that I'm not the Designer who will only create your logo and send you on your way. 

I'm inspired to help you because of my own  journey with entrepreneurship + branding when I was unexpectedly fired from my first post-grad job as a Social Media Manager. At 21 and newly graduated from Howard University with a degree in TV/Film production - but life had other plans. I first wanted to be an entrepreneur when I turned 14 when my dad told me work was all I had to look forward to in life. From that moment, I knew there was more to life. So one November day, I went all in on me. I decided to start a business. 

My vision is to help soul-centered women entrepreneurs create a brand they feel aligned with that also makes them feel damn good. I want to help women take strides to living the life the dream of - one that allows them to do what they love and get paid for it. I'm passionate about helping women build a community of people and showing them that they don't have to do all of the things to be successful. My goal is to help

beyond the brand - my why


How long is the branding process?

What is the investment? 

What platform do you design on? 

Can I only get a logo? 

The branding process is between 8-10 weeks. The process follows the Affirm your Elevation Method to ensure that we create a brand that's aligned to your vision + speaks to your soul. 

frequently asked questions

There is a four figure investment for Brand & Web Design and a required $1,000 retainer to get started. 

Yes, there are payment plan options from 4-12 month installments. 

frequently asked questions

How long is the branding process?

What is the investment? 

What platform do you design on? 

Can I only get a logo? 

I exclusively design on the Showit platform for it's custom capabilities and easy to use drag and drop features. 

frequently asked questions

How long is the branding process?

What is the investment? 

What platform do you design on? 

Can I only get a logo? 

No, because a logo is not going to get you your desired result since a logo is not a brand. Because of this Brand & Web Design is our only offer in order for you to receive the full transformation and to elevate your business to it's full potential. 

How long is the branding process?

What is the investment? 

What platform do you design on? 

Can I only get a logo? 

frequently asked questions

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